In the Clouds

In the CloudsHope you enjoy this artwork by Chicago-based artist Dan Nelson as much as I do. More of his work can be seen here. Happy Wednesday!

Malika Favre

malika favremalika favremalika favremalika favreNot that one ever needs a reason to go on vacation, but these illustrations by French artist Malika Favre want to go somewhere where I can ride a bike everywhere. I love the minimalistic, yet boldly colorful approach of her artwork. Check out the rest of her work here.

Hillary Bird

twilight foxanteloperowlingI’m trying to make a tradition to showcase art pieces that I like on my Wednesday posts. This series comes from San Francisco based artist Hillary Bird. I have a soft spot for artwork depicting animals, especially foxes. To view more of Hillary work, visit her Etsy shop here.

London Traffic

london trafficLast year around this time I was on my way to London for the first time. In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I’d like to share this charming retro-style illustration by Irish illustrator Peter Donnelly. It’s called London Traffic, appropriately. I love illustrations that incorporate type. In this case, reading the names of the bus stops takes me back on sweet memory lane. Check out more of Donnelly’s work here.

Fede Saenz

MOVEMENT-WITH-A-PURPOSEEVERYTHING-IS-ALRIGHTdont-thinkI like the use of black, white and fuchsia in these paintings by Buenos Aires born artist Fede Saenz. The color palette sort of reminds me of my look here. To see more paintings with these three colors, check out his website here.


musing spot blogHere is a sweet illustration by French artist Lucie Brunelliere to get you through hump day. Check out the rest of her work here.

Geoffrey Johnson


I had a love-at-first-sight experience with these paintings by a North Carolina born artist Geoffrey Johnson. The human figure among architecture of a modern city seem to be a theme in his work. Needless to say, the monochrome palette is a big plus for me. More of the artist’s work and his bio can be seen here. I’ve heard that one is not supposed to match the artwork to the furnishings in the room, but I fantasize about doing just that with one of these paintings.