All Black Everything

all blackmusing spot - all blackmusing spot - black lace up sandalsmusing spot - all blackmusing spot - all blackYou know what’s better than an all black look? One that has leather accents here and there. Also, accessories with gold finish luxe up the look. The key is to keep it minimal.

DETAILS: leather effect shorts: Zara; sweater with leather applique: Zara; lace-up sandals: Nine West; bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs; glasses: American Eagle; ID bracelet: Anarchy Street (similar here)


musing spotmusing spotmusing spotmusing spotmusing spotred7It’s safe to say that black has the market cornered when it comes to monochromatic looks. It’s safe and easy, since most people have enough black in their closets to come up with more than one look. But it’s good to step out of one’s comfort zone once in a while, be it in fashion or life in general. I did, with this particular look and I’m pretty happy about it.

DETAILS: sweater: Zara (similar here); skirt: Forever 21 (same here); pumps: Louboutin (similar here); bag: Coach (same here); ID bracelet: Anarchy Street (similar here); glasses: River Island (similar here)


flares1flares2flares3flares4flares5flares6flares7It’s easy to always grab your favorite pair of skinny jeans when you’re on the run, but it’s nice to change things up with a pair of flares for a bit more drama.

DETAILS: flared jeans: Roxy (similar here and here); denim shirt: Levi’s (same here); pumps: Louboutin (similar here); bag: Coach (same here); scarf: vintage (similar here); ID bracelet: Anarchy Street (same here); cross ring: ASOS (same here); snake bracelet/watch: The Metropolitan Museum of Art store (same here)