nonchalant sandalsnonchalant sandalsnonchalant sandalsnonchalant sandalsnonchalant sandalsnonchalant sandalsOnce upon a time a designer named Phoebe Philo designed a collection for a brand named Céline. It was Spring/Summer 2013, to be exact. The shoes were key to this collection. Predominantly, they were Birkenstock lookalikes with high-fashion touches of leather and fur. They added a perfect dose of nonchalance to otherwise sleek and elegant clothes. As with anything Céline does, this caused women around the world to follow – including me, needless to say. Mine are a perfect medium between Celine and Birkenstock. They are from Kenneth Cole’s men’s line. I have to say, besides being super comfortable, I’m loving that dose of nonchalance they provide.

DETAILS: sandals – Kenneth Cole (men’s); skirt – Zara; shirt – Target (men’s); tote – Foley + Corinna


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