The Short and Long of It

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Truth be told, I bought this cropped top on a whim from ASOS. I jumped on the 90’s bandwagon, if you will. It sat in my closet for a couple of months until I could figure out how to style it. The solution came in the form of this center-slit, longish pencil skirt from ASOS as well. Ultimately, good style is about proportions – balance the short with the long, the tight-fit with the loose-fit. You get the point.

DETAILS: cropped T: ASOS; skirt: ASOS; sandals: Kenneth Cole (old); sunnies: American Eagle; cuffs: Forever 21

3 thoughts on “The Short and Long of It

  1. Love how you pair the black top with the skirt and it’s beautiful on the lady(cos she has the right body to pull of this look) but i just think it would have been nicer if the sandal was a little higher and not that flat.

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